Wayfair Comes through with the Human Billiard Bounce House

You’ve heard the jingle on commercials: “Wayfair, you’ve got just what I need.” That statement has never been truer than when talking about the Human Billiard Bounce House.

The inflatable bounce house is made of durable PVC coated vinyl and blows up into the shape of a billiards table. Using soccer balls to represent billiard balls, players climb into the house to act as if they are the cue stick by kicking the balls into the pockets. The bounce house comes with everything you need to get this giant billiards table set up, including the air blower, storage bag, anchor stakes and 16 balls made to look like billiards balls.

Billiard Bounce House

Fully inflated, the bounce house measures 30 feet long by 17 feet wide. You’ll need some friends to get it set up—it weighs 900 pounds. The air blower can fully inflate the house in just eight minutes (that’s a lot less time than it will take to get it positioned where you want it).

Even with a USD$4,299.99 price tag, there are only two left in stock, so don’t wait too long if you want to put your foot-eye coordination to the test.

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