Student Flips The Bird On The Cover Of Official Queensland Government Document

Remember when school photos would come out, and there was always one kid – particularly in high school – who would go out of their way to stand out in the crowd?

Whether it was pulling a face, leaning off-centre, or making an obscene gesture to get attention, it is a pretty standard thing for students to want to clown around and have it documented in the school yearbook or yearly photos permanently.

Well, one student in Queensland has potentially earned themselves legendary status by subtly flipping the bird in an official Queensland Government guidebook which is to be distributed across the state.

So subtle is the “Up Yours” gesture, it cannot be proven it was intentional, which many claim further strengthens the genius of the prank.

Student Flips the Bird

The unidentified male student can be seen loud and proud on the front cover of the Queensland Department of Education document that is given to parents of children completing the HSC.

The photo on quick glance highlights typical student life, showing three students in Science class with a Bunsen burner. A completely pretty tame, ordinary and innocent depiction of life in high school. However, upon closer inspection of the male student’s hand resting casually on the desk, we can see something different.

Is he flipping the bird or is the rather unfortunate finger positioning purely coincidental?

The photo has gone viral on Reddit, and is attracting a lot of view comments. One reader saying, “Oh Lordy! I’m a teacher and whenever you use pics for a wide audience you check all that shit. Kid did good.”

Student Flips the Bird

And another, “I actually applied for a job as a graphic designer at the QCAA team… Maybe I can bring my photo as an answer to “why should we hire you?”

But, not everybody believed it was malicious with one viewer posting, “To be fair to the kid, I have actually caught myself scratching my nose with my middle finger, making it appear that I am flipping everyone off.”

Chris Rider, Chief Executive Officer of Queensland Curriculum and Assessment, told 10 Daily: “The QCAA uses images of Queensland schools in a wide range of publications. We’re aware that some people have chosen to interpret this image differently to us.”

If it truly was not intentional, then this is just really unfortunate.

There were no mistaking intentions when this young boy flipped the bird to Sunrise reporter Edwina Bartholomew during a live broadcast in England.

The little lad seized the opportunity to say hello to viewers in Australia in his own unique style, and it was hilarious.

Sunrise host David Koch laughed and said, “That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time”,  while co-host Samantha Armytage wiped away happy tears.

According to Edwina, the bold boy came back for a second go at her.

She tweeted, “I’m sure you will be stoked to hear he looped back around for an F-you too”.