Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with the Sinclar Spectrum Vega+ Console

With a retro design aesthetic and all the latest quips of modern day consoles, the Sinclair Spectrum Vega+ will provide a little more than a warm sense of nostalgia. Boasting over 1000 games already pre-loaded onto the console itself (Robocop anyone?), you can feel assured you won’t be sitting around twiddling your thumbs anytime soon…

Masterfully created by the highly esteemed UK industrial designer Rick Dickinson, the Sinclair Spectrum Vega+ is a seamless example of practicality meets beauty. Spec wise you can expect a crystal clear LCD display, coupled with more compatibility than you could throw a (joy)stick at. Oh – and did I mention you can run it through your TV? Yeah, well there is that too.

As far as the layout and mechanics are concerned, you can expect something similar to your old Nintendo Game Boy – perhaps a little more pizazz than that old friend, but you get the idea. With an estimated release date sometime in September, they are currently taking preorders through their Indiegogo page – and at $200, you’d be silly not to get in while you can.

So if you’re up for a blast from the past and have a penchant for some retro design, look no further.

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