Teeing Off With The Golf Connoisseur Tom Ryan

Pictured four shots down with PGA pro Jarrod Lyle, doyen of all-things-golf Tom Ryan’s widely popular Instagram feed is brimming with shots of some of the best courses in the world, and peppered with golf-stars, winning shots and anything else golf-related in between.

Having played the Old Course of St. Andrews in Scotland, one of the most famous in the world, and also with former New York Yankees Derek Jeter and Andruw Jones, his love for the game has taken him around the world and opened up doors for some interesting experiences, which he shares with his loyal followers.

We took some time to catch up with Tom to chat all things golf.

tom to chat all things golf

What’s your favourite course of all time?
I have been lucky enough to play quite a few courses so far in my life but I would have to say my favourite course would be the Royal Melbourne Composite Course. Combining 12 holes from the West course and six from the East makes creates an intriguing mix of Scottish Links and Augusta National beauty. It’s not long by any means but what makes it a true test is the reputably the fastest greens in the world and the vast amounts of bunkers that guard them. It definitely tests your skills!

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What’s the best way to get involved if you’re starting out?
Golf is a game for your whole life so you have plenty of time to get good at it! But first off, driving ranges and public golf courses are the best place to start as they are easily accessible and open to the general public. These places often have beginner programs at very affordable rates where you can work on your driving, chipping and putting!

teeing off golf  nice ground

Any memorable hole-in-ones in your time on the course?
I have never had a hole-in-one! I have only witnessed one hole-in-one on course and the reaction from the whole group was priceless. My theory is the more you play, the better chance of getting one.

Buggy or walk?
Always walk, the game is best enjoyed at a nice relaxing pace where you can chat to all of your group members about solving the worlds problems. Also, upon walking 18 holes and entering into the clubhouse that first beer taste a whole lot better.

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Classic golf fashion – traditional or tacky?
I think golf fashion has very much mirrored the fashion at the time. I believe classic golf fashion is quite traditional, though if you look at some of the old photos now you couldn’t get me to wear those clothes every round.

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What’s the easiest way to improve your game?
Unfortunately with the game of golf, there is no easy way to get better! My advice would be to get a lesson, see what is going wrong with your golf swing, and then practice, practice, practice until it becomes habit. Then you can work on the next problem. If you have friends or family who are of similar standard you can play little games on the practice greens or on the range. This can help the learning process by making it competitive and fun.

Any bucket-list courses you’re yet to play?
There are quite a few courses that I’m yet to play from all corners of the globe. Number one on the bucket-list would have to be Augusta National in Georgia, USA. Watching The Masters from an early age is what got me into the game of golf to begin with. If you know anyone that is a member there, let me know!

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If you’re heading out for 18 holes but can only take a single club with you, which do you take?
This is an interesting one. Taking one club wouldn’t be all too enjoyable but I’d say it would be a 2-iron. Hitting off the tee wouldn’t be a problem but getting out of bunkers would!

What’s the best way to wind down after a successful round?
It would have to be whatever is on tap at the clubhouse. The first beer after a long, hot day walking around a golf course is the best one you’ll have.

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