our top followers on instagram

Our Top Followers on Instagram

Last week we featured an article listing our top followers on Twitter, and given that our Instagram following is exponentially bigger, it only makes sense that we’d have an even longer list to bring you of our top Insta-buddies. It’s not with zero risk that we out the big names among our loyal followers; some may recall how excited we were to find out that the real Jimmy Fallon was an apparent fan a short while back, only to have him unfollow us two days later. Ouch.

This diverse, eclectic list of celebrities, actors, rugby players, cricketers, swimmers, rugby players, TV show hosts, singers, Instagram models and rugby players is a diverse cross-section of society and a true representation of what Man of Many is really all about. Please enjoy.

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steve smith cricketer

1. Steve Smith

The freckly-faced youngster who heads up our cricket team on every level, and is possibly the greatest cricketer in the world, hasn’t done too badly for himself thus far. He obviously exercises as much taste in Instagram follows off the field as he does in batting prowess on the field, and we’re proud to name him as our fan (we’re fans too, Stevie boy.)

Followers to date: 2.7m followers
Posts to date: 454 posts

Visit @steve_smith49

steve nash basketball player

2. Steve Nash

Ex-basketball dabster Steve Nash leads a colourful life if his Insta-feed is anything to go by, and he’s not stopped the active lifestyle in any way. When he’s not meeting President Obama, he’s flicking through our very own quality Instagram pics.

Visit @stephennash

jack hemmings with girl friend

3. Jack Hemmings

So maybe we’ll never know who Jack Hemmings really is. Apart from his brother having some quality pipes as frontman for Sydney rockers 5 Seconds of Summer, there’s not too much given away in brother Jack’s hugely popular Instagram feed, all we know is that he has some quality swag, and that’s A-OK by us.

Followers to date: 316k followers
Posts to date: 289 posts

Visit @jackhemmings20

jon olsson standing beside car

4. Jon Olsson

Professional skiier, supercar enthusiast and well-loved vlogger Jon Olsson is about as dangerous on a set of skis as they come, and has a proclivity for Man of Many too, it seems.

Followers to date: 1m followers
Posts to date: 2,336 posts

Visit @jonolsson1

gerald anderson smiling

5. Gerald Anderson

Filipino-American actor, TV producer, dog-rescue activist and cyclist Gerald Anderson is a man of many talents, so it only makes sense he’d be a fan of our’s also.

Followers to date: 1.1m followers
Posts to date: 2,128 posts

Visit @andersongeraldjr

jason dundas without dress

6. Jason Dundas

Aussie host with the most Jason Dundas has carved out a nice little niche for himself as one of the best comperes in the business, both on home grounds and abroad. He’s the current face of The X Factor and we’re delighted to have him as a fan.

Followers to date: 49.6k followers
Posts to date: 581 posts

Visit @jasondundas

kurt coleman with girl's

7. Kurt Coleman

Kurt Coleman, one of social media’s greatest enigmas, is nothing if not charismatic, and he has about as many shits to give as a mustard yellow 1978 Datsun Sunny. Love him or hate him, he loves himself, and he loves you, and, evidently, he also loves Man of Many.

Followers to date: 115k followers
Posts to date: 7,332 posts

Visit @kurtcoleman

monika clarke smiling

8. Monika Clarke

One of Instagram’s great beauties, and apparent motorcycle enthusiast Monika Clarke has come a long way since growing up in the small Victorian town of Swan Hill, and a quick glance at her Instagram indicates her travels aren’t slowing down any time soon.

Followers to date: 198k followers
Posts to date: 917 posts

Visit @monika.clarke

 adam ashley cooper

9. Adam Ashley-Cooper

Mr Versatile himself, Adam Ashley-Cooper, one of Australia’s greats on the rugby field, is a legend in his own right, made only more legendary by the fact he likes us.

Followers to date: 66.6k followers
Posts to date: 359 posts

Visit @adamcoopy

michael hooper rugby player

10. Michael Hooper

Strapping millennial and Waratah’s captain Michael Hooper is another rugby player who knows where to look for the best advice on style, tech, fashion, gear and all things Man of Many.

Visit @mikhoop

drew mitchell sport man

11. Drew Mitchell

Another rugby player? Okay, if we must. Drew also follows us on Twitter so we know he’s as dedicated to our cause as he is to killing it on the football field, at home and in France.

Followers to date: 68.6k followers
Posts to date: 167 posts

Visit @drew_mitchell

hub lisa messenger

12. Lisa Messenger

Despite her feed comprising mostly wishy-washy inspirational quotes, it’s hard to dislike CEO of The Messenger Group and founder slash editor-in-chief of Collective Hub Lisa Messenger. Afterall, dubious ruminations aside, she has bloody great taste in men’s blogs.

Followers to date: 146k followers
Posts to date: 6,269 posts

Visit @lisamessenger

didier cohen

13. Didier Cohen

DJ, producer, heartthrob; Didier Cohen does it all. The LA born jack of all trades is a jet setter who’s found his groove in more ways than one, probably with at least a little help from us along the way(?).

Followers to date: 103k followers
Posts to date: 54 posts

Visit @didiercohenofficial

lee elliott wedding

14. Lee Elliott

One of our favourites, every bloke who watched it will hate to admit that they definitely had a moment of reserved excitement when Lee won The Bachelorette last year. With a wedding on the cards, Mr Elliott has broken the hearts of many Aussie lasses, but definitely not ours. Onya Leeroy.

Followers to date: 103k followers
Posts to date: 774 posts

Visit @leeroyelliott

josh gibson rugby player

15. Josh Gibson

Hawthorne hero Josh ‘Gibbo’ Gibson is a bit of a man’s man on the field, but obviously likes to stay up to date with the latest trends when he’s not donning the team colours.

Followers to date: 78.6k followers
Posts to date: 864 posts

Visit @joshgibson06

archie thompson footballer

16. Archie Thompson

Kiwi expat Archie Thompson is one of our local superstars on the round kind of football, amassing a huge collection of soccer fans and being a generally top bloke in the process. He currently plays for Heidelberg United in Victoria and bends it like Beckham, and then some, when he’s not immersed in one of our fantastic articles.

Followers to date: 37.3k followers
Posts to date: 2,248 posts

Visit @10archie

nathan hindmarsh

17. Nathan Hindmarsh

Another one of our die-hard (both Twitter and Insta) followers who made his name playing a highly celebrated career for the Parramatta Eels before retiring a legend. Thanks for the support, Nasty Nate.

Followers to date: 119k followers
Posts to date: 940 posts

Visit @hiney11

fitzy and wippa radio jock

18. Fitzy & Wippa

Do they really need an introduction? Ryan Fitzgerald and Michael Wipfly are leading men in the Australian radio scene. Fitzy joined long-time radio jock Wippa after his highly celebrated AFL career and the two have never looked back. We think we’re in pretty good company.

Followers to date: 109k followers
Posts to date: 7,125 posts

Visit @fitzyandwippa

daniel macpherson smile

19. Daniel Macpherson

You know you’ve made it as an actor when you’ve achieved three important goals. One, star in Neighbours. Two, get a gig on The Bill. Three, why, follow Man of Many of course. D-Mac is a bona-fide pro.

Followers to date: 103k followers
Posts to date: 1,913 posts

Visit @danmacpherson

bernard foley

20. Bernard Foley

So maybe rugby players are our thing. Who knows? We’re not complaining. Bernard Foley is in good company on this list and rightly so, he’s a Wallaby.

Followers to date: 33.1k followers
Posts to date: 111 posts

Visit @bernardfoley

mack horton olympic medal

21. Mack Horton

The plucky youngster Mack has wasted no time in securing his place as one of Australia’s sporting greats, with gold medals in just about every competition one could name, including the Olympics. He’s an absolute demon in the pool and there’s no indication he’ll be resting on his laurels anytime in the near future.

Followers to date: 69.6k followers
Posts to date: 634 posts

Visit @mackhorton

rob mills smile

22. Rob Mills

Fans of the inaugural season of Australian Idol will fondly recall Millsy, with his chirpy demeanour, cheeky grin and coveted vocal prowess. He’s since wowed crowds in theatre productions and on a few more shows on the telly, and is one of our long-time listeners.

Followers to date: 74.1k followers
Posts to date: 2,033 posts

Visit @robmillsymills

will and steve eating

23. Will and Steve

Endearingly crowned ‘The Pommies’ on Seven’s My Kitchen Rules back in 2015, these guys won the grand final and are now two of Britain’s best celebrated exports down under. They’ve already got a book out and are also known for their insightful restaurant reviews.

Followers to date: 20.5k followers
Posts to date: 459 posts

Visit @willandsteve

nathan jones sport man

24. Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones is one of Melbourne’s most loved AFL players, and despite his young age, has been on the field professionally for almost 12 years now. He currently captains the Melbourne Football Club in the AFL and is one of the many switched-on sportsmen who follows Man of Many.

Followers to date: 40k followers
Posts to date: 893 posts

Visit @nathan2jones

ed lower drinking beer

25. Ed Lower

Ex-Big Brother husemate-cum-Instagram sensation Ed Lower is one of the many who’ve found their true calling on Instagram, sharing snaps from all over the world that make us green with envy of their gallivanting exploits. Not a bad gig, really.

Followers to date: 49.4k followers
Posts to date: 1,533 posts

Visit @edjlower

the roundabout crew

26. The Roundabout Crew

Ken, Tom and Elliot are the Sydney based funsters behind the YouTube hit channel The Roundabout Crew, famed for their hit series ‘Shit Nobody Says in Canberra’ and ‘The Australiana Hostel’. Get the stapler before hitting play, your sides may split.

Followers to date: 23.6k followers
Posts to date: 686 posts

Visit @roundaboutcrew

todd carney

27. Todd Carney

That’s right folks, you heard it here first. The bad boy of NRL Todd Carney is amongst our loyal fans. Once embattled by his oft-outrageous and over-publicised party boy antics in Oz, the talented footballer has done a stellar job of rebuilding his reputation in France and, if by chance he is back on the naughty water, at least we can sleep easy knowing that the wine he’ll be sipping in Bordeaux is better than the piss he was sinking down under.

Visit @tcarney86

hamish hartlett rugby player

28. Hamish Hartlett

What Port Adelaide’s rising star Hartlett lacks isn’t quite yet known. Pick of the litter at only 18, he’s now been playing professionally for 8 years. He’s ridiculously agile, can handle a ball like a yoyo, has eagle eyes and to top it all off, he’s just so goddamn stylish. With steeze oozing from his Instagram pics, we’re glad he looks to us for inspiration.

Followers to date: 32k followers
Posts to date: 436 posts

Visit @hharts8

michael klim swimmer

29. Michael Klim

The Klimmeister (shh. It might stick.) is a loyal follower, and we’re glad to have him. In a not-so-past life he won just about every medal and trophy under the sun for Australia in the pool, and now enjoys family life as a proud husband and dad as well as being the benevolent overlord of cool skincare company Milk & Co.

Followers to date: 37.1k followers
Posts to date: 3,094 posts

Visit @michaelklim1

henry speight athlet

30. Henry Speight

Last rugby player on the list. Promise. Henry Speight is a Fijian-born footballer who has made waves in Australia as a serious pro athlete, having played for the Brumbies and, currently, the Canberra Raiders. He’s understandably proud of his homeland and his Insta feed is a great mix of shots from around the world intertwined with the natural beauty of Fiji.

Followers to date: 28.3k followers
Posts to date: 394 posts

Visit @henry_speight

trent kotchin

31. Trent Kotchin

AFL star and Richmond captain Trent Kotchin has enjoyed a decorated career in his 26 years, probably almost as much as he enjoys reading the insightful words on Man of Many, or at least having a squiz at the top-shelf pics we share with our beloved readers.

Followers to date: 136k followers
Posts to date: 633 posts

Visit @trentcotchin9

josh dugan player

32. Josh Dugan

I lied. Whatever. So sue me. This is ACTUALLY the last Rugby player on the list. St George Dragons star Josh Dugan is one of NRL’s top names, with a bevy of well-played matches under his belt. He’s come a long way since growing up in the suburban town of Garran, Canberra, and will no doubt continue to succeed, probably because of his fondness for our humble online magazine.

Followers to date: 76k followers
Posts to date: 368 posts

Visit @__duges13

sydney ibis guy sitting

33. Sydney Ibis Guy

We’re not sure who this guy is… but all we know is that he loves ibis, and us apparently. #who

Followers to date: 3,401k followers
Posts to date: 101 posts

Visit @Sydneyibisguy

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