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Joe Exotic Music Video

7 Best Joe Exotic Tiger King Music Videos Ranked

In the midst of all this chaos and despair, the world has been searching for a new hero, and it appears we may have found one in the most unlikely of places. Joe Exotic, the redneck, gun-toting country music star of Netflix’s new hit Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is fast-becoming a cultural icon. From his bleached blond-mullet, to his wise-cracking quips, Joe Exotic is worth the price of admission. But aside from the murder-for-hire plots, manipulation and alleged animal abuse, Joe’s greatest gift to us all has been his music. Or more specifically, his music videos.

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This level of flair, firepower and falsetto is hard to come by nowadays, and even if it isn’t Joe singing, as many of us suspect, these are bangers through and through. Here’s a list of the 7 best Joe Exotic Tiger King music videos to help you get through isolation.

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1. Here Kitty Kitty

The song that started it all. Here Kitty Kitty is a sweet little ditty about…you guessed it, Carole Baskin. Armed with a Carole Baskin lookalike, this Joe Exotic music video raises more questions than it answers, but you can’t deny the Tiger KING Rocks a preacher’s collar better than most.

Album: Work Release Program
Released: 2011
Genre: Country


2. I Saw a Tiger

Joe Exotic stands valiantly in front of a green-screened storm strumming a guitar. Then Joe Exotic stands valiantly in a field strumming a guitar. Next, Joe Exotic stands valiantly on his truck strumming a guitar. Iconic.

Released: 2013
Label: Tiger King Records

3. My First Love

Dedicated to sweet John Finlay, My First Love is a sombre and heartfelt ode to true love…sort of. Watch for scenes in the snow-covered forest. Also, this Joe Exotic music video may have been sponsored by speed-dealer sunglasses.

Released: 2014

4. Because You Love Me

You’ve got to hand it to Joe Exotic, the man can talk you into anything. Judging by this video, he managed to convince an entire crowd of paying zoo-goers to do the wave for this Brad Paisley-esque tune.

Released: 2014
Band: Walking on the Edge

5. This is My Life

The man does not know the meaning of overkill. In this Joe Exotic music video, our country music leader dons his own promotional merchandise in a behind the scenes retelling of his everyday existence. This one actually got to us. The heartfelt message to John Finlay is tough to get through, but the quick shot of cameraman in the pond never fails to lift our spirits.

Released: 2014

6. Pretty Woman

Motobikes, leather and tribal tattoos kick-start this Joe Exotic music video, and boy, is this one a wild ride. A song for both pretty and ugly women alike (Joe’s words), Pretty Woman is a stone-cold banger. Also, the green-screen storm makes another impromptu appearance. The stretch-Dodge Charger limo is a sophisticated touch.

Released: 2016

7. Bring It On

Joe Exotic takes on the media, both right-wing and left-wing in this strange and slightly threatening music video. One confusing element to note is that while it’s essentially a song about uniting and coming together, Joe spends a lot of time brandishing guns and blowing shit up. The description literally reads “Country music video done by Joe to infect everyone with love and the right to have our animals”. Also, watch out for the oddly long shot of Joe getting his blood taken.

Released: 2015

You can check out all of Joe Exotic’s music videos on his YouTube page, along with a large number of mildly-disturbing rants and campaign clips. Top-notch viewing if you ask us.

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If you’re looking for other ways to entertain yourself online check out Aussie music artist Sam Fischer, who has had 1.5 billion views on TikTok.

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