8 Amazing Vehicles that No Longer Exist

Ever since the invention of the wheel, mankind has been looking for a better way of travel. Electric vehicles are currently all the rage, but there were plenty of other ideas that came along. British Pathe has posted a video exploring eight amazing vehicles that no longer exist.

The first vehicle discussed was the Dynasphere, a mono-wheeled vehicle inspired by a sketch from Leonardo DaVinci. Two prototypes were made—one electrical and the other gas. Rigid Airships, or Zeppelins, were also very successful for a time. The Zeppelin had a comeback after the ban imposed after WWI, but the Hindenberg disaster spelled the vehicle’s doom.

The Land Yacht used masts and sails that harvested wind for propulsion. The flying platform was developed by the US Navy, but it was discarded as a combat vehicle and didn’t go any further. The Denise was the first underwater vehicle designed for scientific exploration and could go as deep as 350 feet. Flying saucers have been the stuff of urban legends, yet many armies of different countries actually developed flying saucers. The Hover Scooter was a combination of a hovercraft and a motorcycle (though, should that be scooter?). Jetpacks were novelty items that even appeared in James Bond.

We continue to expand our world of transportation, exploring new ideas, but maybe some of these discarded ideas deserve another look.

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