Apple and Spike Jonze Team Up for New HomePod Video

Legendary auteur Spike Jonze might not have any new movies in production (as far as we know at least), but he definitely knows how to keep himself busy. When not churning out classics like Being John Malkovich or Her, the director will frequently revisit his music video roots, working with everyone from Paul McCartney to Kanye West to Arcade Fire. That made Jonze the perfect candidate to helm Apple’s latest HomePod video, which goes big on great music and epic cinematography alike. Dubbed “Welcome Back”, the video is currently racking up millions of hits on YouTube, and with good reason.


In the video, a woman (played by FKA Twigs) trudges her way through a dreary, overcrowded city. At long last, she arrives home and asks Siri to play something she’d like. Siri obliges, and what follows is an impromptu music video awash with dancing and Jonze’s surrealist flourishes, as the somewhat compact apartment stretches out in both dimension and colour. Given the HomePod’s emphasis on fidelity, vivaciousness and responsiveness, the video makes for a fitting tribute to the smart home device. Plus, it puts Spike Jonze to work, which in and of itself is always worth supporting.

Check it out

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