Australia’s Top Trending YouTube Videos in 2018

YouTube Australia has released its annual YouTube Rewind lists – the yearly chronicle of the weird and wonderful online videos that kept us entertained and drove more and more nails into the coffin of traditional broadcasting. As always, the lists tell us something profound about ourselves. As always, what that is may or may not be particularly flattering.

We’ve included the full list of Australia’s Top Trending Videos below but some of the highlights include:

  • The number one trending video in Australia was “To Our Daughter”, an 11-minute masterpiece from Kylie Jenner detailing her pregnancy and the birth of baby Stormi. This may seem a surprising choice for Australians to lift to number one, but when you consider that Kylie Jenner is actually the first woman to ever give birth, it becomes a lot more understandable
  • Not understanding whether a thing is a thing or a different thing remains as popular as ever – two of the top ten trending videos in 2018 were the “Do you hear Yanny or Laurel” video, and a video explaining why you heard Yanny or Laurel.
  • Traditional narrative forms are taking a beating in the 21st century, but quality comedy still lives, with number four on the list being the Bad Lip Reading of the royal wedding – quality stuff like all BLR pieces.
  • The top four music videos on YouTube were Maroon 5, Drake, Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande, but surely for real cultural cut-through, the number 5 spot had them all beat, with Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” blowing us all away.
  • The number one Emerging Australian Creator was “Fun With Alicia”, a channel by a little girl called Alicia who has fun. That’s showbiz in 2018 for you, I guess. For other great new Australian talent, check out “Gillian Bower Slime”, wherein Gillian Bower does stuff with slime, or “Norris Nuts Do Stuff”, a channel featuring four girls who…er…do stuff. I…I feel very old all of a sudden.

Here’s the full list, ranked from 10 to 1: