Bill Nye (The Science Guy) Loses it over Climate Change on Last Week Tonight

This isn’t the Bill Nye that you’ll recognise. That nice old guy who patiently explained the wonders of modern science and all its mysteries is definitely not in attendance in his recent video featured on John Oliver’s hit HBO TV show Last Week Tonight. In fact, the name of the video pretty much explains what you’ll be getting: “Bill Nye loses it over climate change.”

Nye drops some pretty strong language during the video while explaining that if things go unchecked, the temperature of the planet could rise another four to eight degrees by the end of the century: “What I’m saying is the planet’s on fucking fire!”, he declares with more than some exasperation.

Following his usual model of using visual aids to explain relatively simple principles, he then lights a globe on fire with a blowtorch. That’s when his patience runs out. After confessing that he didn’t mind explaining photosynthesis to us as children, he then reminds us that we are adults and he stops pulling any punches.

“There are a lot of things to do to put it out, are any of them free?”, he continues, “No, of course not! Nothing’s free you idiots! Grow the fuck up!”

Nye makes his point well, and it’s that much more shocking given our fond memories of the affable engineer a benevolent teacher. At least he still put on his safety glasses.

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