Come Fly with Me over New York 12K

Hangar 95 and Gotham Film Works teamed up to film a flyover of New York in 12K using their recently acquired HAMMERHEAD 3 Camera Array. The film was developed by SHOTOVER and was created with VJX and dome theaters in mind.

Both Hangar 5 and Gotham Film Works have built a name for themselves by providing cutting edge aviation solutions for film and video productions all over the world. With a combined 40 plus years of experience, the two companies are able to offer not only the best pilots, but also the most advanced and incredible equipment.

The HAMMERHEAD 3 Camera Array is a SHOTOVER K1 platform with a six axis gyro stabilized gimbal using a next generation Ultra HD camera that can shoot in 2D or 3D. The camera is capable of straight look down, which is perfect for filming the city that never sleeps. Because of its open design and architecture, it can be used with a wide range of camera and lens interchanges. The carbon fiber construction makes it light and easily transportable.

The crew posted a video of a flyover of New York. It’s a stunning collection of the city at night, with its thousands of lights and even more colors. The stability of the shot, as well as the extreme detail testify to just how advanced this filming set up is. It’s a video that you won’t regret having watched.

Check it out

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