Cringe Compilation: Male YouTubers’ Morning Routines

Taking the piss out of social media influencers is incredibly low-hanging fruit, but goddamnit it’s funny, and given how much fodder the temporary industry provides, there’s an endless supply of laughs on hand.

And while most attention for influencers is directed at girls flaunting e-commerce bikinis to tradies on Instagram, and makeup tutorials on YouTube, there are a select few guys out there under the impression that their morning routines are of interest to the majority of other dudes, who generally roll out of bed and spritz on a little Lynx Africa three minutes after they were supposed to leave the house.

In this fair appraisal from YouTuber skinny, a couple of the worst male influencer offenders get the pisstake they deserve for their ridiculous ‘morning routine’ videos, which are not only painful to watch, but are also completely full of lies.

Another popular YouTuber, Cody Ko, has already ripped on one of the videos featured above, lampooning the incredibly narcissistic and potentially villainous (based solely on his name) Dre Drexler for his “Epic Morning Routine” clip, which, though incredibly funny, hardly needs to have the piss taken out of it, as it is so laughable on its own steam.

Enjoy watching, and remember to take your vitamins.