Epicurious Presents a Bacon Expert Guessing Cheap vs Expensive Bacon Price Points

How’s this for a job—being a bacon expert who spends his time tasting different types of bacon? What man in his right mind wouldn’t line up for that job?

Epicurious has put together a video of Eli Cairo, of Olympia Provisions, not only trying to guess which bacon is which, but also providing a lot of insight and information into selecting the best bacon for what you’re looking for. Cairo explores streaky, turkey, Canadian, and Euro bacon.

Cairo raises an interesting question in regard to turkey bacon. If bacon comes from the belly of the pig, and if turkeys don’t have a belly, where does turkey bacon come from? It’s actually a sausage that has been pressed into the shape of bacon. What else is interesting is that because turkey bacon is actually a sausage, as much fat as is wanted can be added, meaning it may not actually be healthier than pork bacon.

With plenty of information on how to pick the best bacon, Cairo’s video is a treasure trove of knowledge. For the best bacon, Cairo recommends working with your local deli or butcher to get the best types of bacon. If you’re a bacon connoisseur, take a moment to watch the Epicurious video—just try to not be too jealous of Cairo’s job.

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