Jason Statham & John Mayer Trigger the Bottle Cap Challenge

First it was planking. Then we had people covering themselves in ice water. Now, the internet overlords have coughed up their latest gimmick: Chuck-Norrising the lid off a bottle in slow motion.

It was all triggered by MMA fighter, Max Holloway. But it didn’t take long for Hollywood to send this little challenge viral.

Hollywood superstar Jason Statham, who is no stranger to action and adventure via his roles (and loves to dive sideways on movie posters, preferably armed), celebrities have begun posting videos of themselves giving roundhouse kicks across the tops of bottles (water, vodka … you get the idea), to spin the lid right off, hence proving their accuracy and prowess to their peers.

It’s no surprise that Statham is a dabster at the roundhouse kick, made famous by Chuck Norris in the ’80s–the celebrated actor has spent the best part of his career in front of the camera kicking bad-guy ass, and, frankly, this water bottle should have seen it coming.

In true “Hollywood gone viral” nature, a whole bunch of other people who apparently like to go to the gym have weighed in, creating the #bottlecapchallenge hashtag, which will no doubt remain an enduring reminder of this important part of society’s development. Demure musician John Mayer, amateur boxer Conor McGregor and Diplo all joined in the fun too, posting their successful bottle cap removals to Instagram.