Jim Carrey On Why He Loves Painting

As anyone even vaguely familiar with pop culture could tell you, Jim Carrey is an eccentric dude with a charged internal spark. However, running underneath his comic sensibility there was always a dark, manic energy that became more curse than gift as he grew older. There was even a spurt of time where it seemed like Carrey might drown in self-torment if he couldn’t find a proper outlet. It’s well-known that he turned to transcendental meditation, but one wonders if such a relaxed process was able to effectively subdue his kinetic spirit. Which brings us to his new frontier as a pretty damn great painter. And if it sounds like a vanity project, then you haven’t seen I Need Color, the viral video still making its rounds on the Internet.

jim carrey in art studio

In the video, we take a step inside Carrey’s art studio and, to an extent, his mind. That is to say we get to know the serious man behind the comic legacy. Carrey himself narrates while we’re introduced to a seemingly endless number of his works. The paintings are more or less indisputably strong, and while there’s arguably a lack of aesthetic consistency from one piece to the next, his brilliant use of colour and technique remains constant.

jim carrey art something

As to why Carrey paints. Well, it was first and foremost a calling or vocation. He also thoroughly enjoys being his own boss. But it’s also a meditative endeavour and catharsis of sorts for the famously depressed talent. Each work sees Carrey confronting his innermost being while hopefully outpacing the demons that have haunted him his whole life. For many hours at a time, Carrey gets to lose himself in his own world of colour, imagery and paint. Lots and lots of paint.

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