Johnny Knoxville Talks us Through Every Injury of His Career

When Johnny Knoxville breaks down every injury of his career, it’s a cringe worthy experience. Knoxville made his name by performing ridiculous stunts in the TV show and movies titled Jackass. In the shows, Knoxville and his merry band of adrenaline junkies seek out crazy stunts and pranks, all the while putting their lives and bodies on the line. Even if you’re familiar with Knoxville, you may still be confused as to whether the point is to get hurt or not.

In this video created for Vanity Fair, Knoxville lists the injuries that he acquired during his career. From stun guns and pepper spray to broken ankles, the list gets progressively worse. Consider Knoxville’s experience of having failed a backflip on a motorbike only to have the bike fall on top of him, crushing his crotch and causing internal bleeding. His list of injuries from his latest movie, Action Point, is enough to cause you to be thankful for a job in a cubicle rather than in front of a camera doing crazy things. Not sure you believe that? One of Knoxville’s injuries from the movie caused his eye to come loose from his eye socket.

The video is an incredible chronology of pain and laughs—well worth the view, but maybe not worth having to go through all those injuries. Unless you’re Knoxville, who closes the video by confessing that it was indeed all worth it.

Check it out

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