Magpies Continue to Terrorise and Take Over this Aussie’s House

There’s an old superstition that says it’s good luck if a bird poops on you. If that’s true, it must be fantastic news when a large group of birds moves into your house – yet one Australian woman says the experience isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Rachel Dalgliesh, of Brisbane, has found her life becoming a Hitchcockian nightmare thanks to the flock of magpies that insist on coming through her dog door and living the high life in her kitchen. Rachel believes they’re attracted to the smell of dog food wafting from the house. “We’re thinking maybe we have to put the dog food outside the house,” she told Channel Seven, and…yes, that might do the trick. Mind you, is a flock of magpies watching you menacingly from just outside the kitchen door THAT much better than having them watching you menacingly from inside the kitchen? At least when they’re inside they’re on your turf.

Woman swooped by magpies in her own home

To escape a swooping magpie, usually getting indoors is your best bet. But one Brisbane woman can't even seek shelter in her own home. The feathered foes have been breaking in, forcing her to lock herself outside. More: #7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Sydney on Friday, August 23, 2019

Many wildlife lovers might envy Dalgliesh her avian guests, but for Rachel, who was traumatised by a magpie attack at the age of twelve, it really is something of a downer to be forever wondering when they’re about to make their move. They take over your kitchen first, then comes the identity theft.

Rachel’s plight is a good reminder to keep an eye out for magpie attacks this spring, although in keeping an eye out, don’t literally raise your eye to look upward, because that’s just asking for trouble.