Michael Jackson Concert Film Conveniently Drops During ‘Leaving Neverland’ Premiere

Michael Jackson is a name which elicits many emotions. From the dynamic dancing in his stage shows and his undeniably huge talent as a singer, to the utter weirdness of his … everything else … Jacko’s fans tend to sit somewhere on a scale between screaming themselves into hyperventilation or being carried out of his concerts by medical staff.

Just check the video above for proof.

Thing is: this video has been released by Michael Jackson’s estate as a cunning attempt to draw viewers away from part one of HBO’s explosive documentary Finding Neverland, in which two men–James Safechick and Wade Robson–explicitly outline abuse they claimed to have suffered at the one-gloved-hands of the enigmatic King of Pop, while staying at his infamous Neverland Ranch when they were children.

The concert film, which is from Jackson’s 1992 ‘Dangerous’ tour, and was filmed in Bucharest, was made available by his estate via an announcement on Twitter, as they desperately try to assuage the backlash from these claims. Accusations of paedophilia plagued the beleaguered musician when he was alive, leading to multiple court cases, and have hardly ceased since his untimely death in 2009.

Finding Neverland is pitted to be incredibly damaging to the star’s reputation–something his family members have been desperate to avoid–they have even gone as far as filing a USD$100 million defamation claim against major network HBO, who are going full steam ahead with the two-part documentary.

The second part is due to air tomorrow, eastern time, in the US, followed by an interview between the accusers and Oprah Winfrey, who are to be joined by Finding Neverland director/producer Dan Reed.

Jackson’s estate has already announced another video to be released on YouTube at exactly the same time: his Wembley Arena concert from 1988.

Say what you will about the allegations against the deceased singer, but this situation is very clearly far from being black or white.