‘Mike Nolan’s Long Weekend’ Coming To Youtube

Fans of modern Australian comedy will rejoice with the news of Mike Nolan’s Long Weekend, which is set to drop on YouTube this week. The comedy series, which is the brainchild of cartoonist Jarrad Wright, who created hit sensation The Big Lez Show, which wrapped up its final season (to-date) earlier this year.

In a similar vein to The Big Lez Showthe premise of Mike Nolan’s Long Weekend, seems to be a bunch of Australianisms poorly dubbed over some grainy cartoon, but fans of the style won’t mind the rudimentary nature of the show, in lieu of its honest Australian narrative and humour that might only make sense to a select few. But perhaps therein lies its charm.

“Yeah same kinda idea y’know five episodes of just fuckin’ nothin'”, we’re promised in the above intro, which gives very little else away, but promises more nods to bogan culture than your average visit to Rooty Hill.

Mike Nolan’s Long Weekend is set to drop on YouTube later this week, on the 16th of August.