This Footage from Monaco’s 1962 Grand Prix Will Make Your Heart Race

“It’s the man who wins this battle, not the engine alone.” The clip taken from a 1962 German documentary “Flying Clipper” starts with that quote. The footage is thrilling, giving you the feeling of being a part of the race with both front and rear views—exactly what a driver would see.

The Monaco Grand Prix is often called the most dangerous two miles in racing. Cars complete the circuit 100 times. Monaco is the only Grand Prix that doesn’t adhere to FIA’s mandated 190-mile distance. At the time of the documentary, most of the cars were either Lotus, Ferrari, or Cooper. The 1962 race was the second of nine races for both the 1962 World Championship of Drivers and the International Cup for Formula One Manufacturers. Bruce McLaren, a British driver racing for Cooper, won the victory after starting in third position.

Even though the cars have changed considerably since the 1962 race, the video helps you to experience a little bit of what the drivers feel, as well as giving you a good idea of what watching the race would be like. At under seven minutes, it’s a quick watch that gets your heart racing as fast as the race cars.

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