NASA Engineer Makes Glitter Bomb to Undermine Package Thief

As Hannibal Smith said, I love it when a plan comes together. But in its way, this is even sweeter than a welding montage.

A while back, Mark Rober discovered something disturbing: packages had been stolen from his doorstep. He was shocked, as we all would, at what gold-plated assholes people can be. But Mark Rober isn’t a man to take things lying down. He’s a thinker. He’s a doer. And he’s a NASA engineer with a YouTube channel. He is, above all, not a man to screw with.

In this epic video, we see how Rober put the skills that he uses to build Mars rovers to even better use in giving some douchebags their comeuppance. He put together a “bait package” that looked just like a real delivery – apart from the fact it was addressed to “Harry and Marv” of Wet Bandit Way, from “Kevin McCallister”. Which seems only appropriate for the season.

Inside the package was not the valuable goodies the thief hoped for, but an ingenious – and joyously complex – device that, when opened, would spray a cloud of glorious glitter in the face of the miscreant. Not only that, but it would send out puffs of Fart Spray at short intervals, so the thief would end up both stinky, and fabulous.

The really great part: the four phones inside the package that film everything, so that we can see exactly what happens when the dick who steals Mark’s package realises what he’s stolen. Even better, Mark lends his device to his friends who also have trouble with doorstep bandits, so we can see a series of tools getting glitter-bombed and skunk-sprayed.

If there’s anything more heartwarming online this Christmas, we haven’t seen it.