One Breath Around The World

Some feats seem almost superhuman, while others are more mystic. Guillaume Nery blends both into tantalizingly fascinating films to watch. The French freediving champion, Nery has risen to prominence because of the videos that he and partner Julie Gautier make, though Nery had quite a reputation already.

Nery specializes in constant weight freediving, where the diver uses only fins and his arms as a means of propulsion rather than relying on a rope. Using this technique, Nery has broken the freediving world record four times and won the world championship title twice. Nery stopped competing in 2015, after accidentally diving to 139 meters and resetting the record for the deepest free dive in history.

One Breath Around the World

In 2010, Nery began making short films that chronicled his dives. The first such film, “Free Fall,” garnered more than 30 million views. Since then, Nery has made several more films. His most recent is titled “One Breath Around the World.” As you might imagine, the film follows Nery as he takes dives at several exotic locations around the world, including under a frozen lake. He swims both solo, and with a pool of sharks and a pod of whales, as well as a pair of underwater spear fishers. At just over 12 minutes, the film is long, but mesmerizing. It’s fascinating to watch a human being spend that much time underwater, while the settings are surreal and almost magical. The film is beautifully shot, and well worth watching.

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