How Pat McInerney Quit His Job and Opened a Brewery

Borne of the basic concept that two blokes who love beer more than their 9-5 jobs should do something about it, Willie the Boatman is St Peters’ answer to the craft brewing scene. Started by thirsty dads Nick Newey and Pat McInerney, the brewery produces a broad range of tasty frothies, with flavour and refreshment both at the top of the priority list.

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If taking on the daunting task of opening a commercial brewery without any experience other than some home brewing was hard then the pair have done a good job of hiding it. With no guidebook or roadmap, Pat and Nick have turned a pastime into a passion, and a passion into a business, now making huge amounts of beer for the masses, who seemingly can’t get enough.

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The beers, which are named after some of their favourite locals (Albo’s Corn Ale is named after federal member Anthony Albanese, and Todd’s Trailer Ale is named after Todd, a bloke who lent them his trailer, to name a couple) are all on tap at their tasting bar, which is open for business Thursday to Sunday. Despite the semi-industrial location, the brewery is a hubbub of activity when it’s open, a favourite for the locals and visitors from afar who come to enjoy the delicious beer on offer.

We caught up with Pat to talk about his business.

Check it out

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willie the boatman pat beer pour in can

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