pornhub announces sfw for starbucks

Pornhub Announces SFW Option For Browsing In Starbucks

Global coffee behemoth Starbucks recently struck a cruel blow against all who enjoy watching pornography in public while enjoying a hot beverage when it announced it would soon implement a porn filter for its in-store Wifi network – but global porn behemoth Pornhub is undaunted, announcing its own innovation to make sure it maintains a presence in Starbucks.

The answer: Pornhub’s new “Safe For Work” category, specially designed for those who need their Pornhub fix but also have a busy go-getting lifestyle.

Pornhub SFW – which features music videos, gaming clips and all sorts of other diversions that will hopefully not get you arrested for public indecency – won’t exactly scratch the itch for those who specifically want something NOT safe for work to go with their long black. But then the size of that market may not be all that huge to begin with.

Of course, if Starbucks’ filter simply blocks the entire Pornhub site, rather than just the explicit parts of it, the SFW category won’t get the job done. But it is at the very least a signal of Pornhub’s willingness to bend over backwards (another popular category) to accommodate all comers. So to speak. We say all businesses should show the same spirit of congeniality and work with Pornhub to find solutions we can all enjoy: coffee lovers, porn lovers and all.