Real Life Tinder is the Most Awkward 5 Minutes You’ll Experience Today

Dating apps are an undeniably great way to avoid the awkwardness of meeting hundreds of people en masse, without the fear of rejection, or hurting somebody’s feeling by rejecting them. They make the prospect of finding “the one” more streamlined, and, they open up the dating pool to a gargantuan level, so one doesn’t have to rely on chance encounters to find their Princess (or Prince).

But what if Tinder was real-life? Unfortunately for the affable Anshul, the folks at Jubilee made just that happen. Lining up a potential thirty matches for the young cad, Anshul is forced to “swipe” left or right to indicate his likelihood of dating each candidate. Catch is, they’re standing about two feet away from his face.

real life tinder is the most awkward moment

Thinning out the pool plays out not dissimilar to how Tinder works, but there’s a seriously palpable cringe-worthiness to the exercise, which is actually a pretty interesting way to personify the shallow workings of dating apps and the facile culture they can breed.

Luckily for Anshul, he has looks on his side, and finds his Tinderella at the end, but one viewing of the video is all it takes to feel more than a little awkward about the 29 who missed out in real time, face to face.