Red Bull Jumps a Kamaz Truck over a Drifting Lamborghini

Red Bull has a bit of an irreverent reputation, but also a reputation for some pretty extreme stunts. In a recent video, the energy drink company depicts Mad Mike Whiddett driving a Lamborghini on his way to a formal ball as part of the Goodwood Festival of Speed when he bumps into Eduard Nikolaev. Nikolaev, driving a Kamaz truck, challenges Whiddett to a race to see who gets to the ball first.

The video shows the Lamborghini being drifted through a course, while the Kamaz truck takes to the back roads. At one point, the truck actually jumps over the Lamborghini. At a cattle guard, the Lamborghini has to stop, while the Kamaz truck just smashes through the fence.

The video ends with a showdown in a crowded parking lot hat only has one spot left. A game of chicken ensues, with both stopping just in time as the parking attendant tries to get control of the situation. The parking lot is filled with supercars and even nice Indian motorcycles.

While it’s not too hard to believe that a Lamborghini could do some exciting drifting, picturing the Russian-made Kamaz utility truck pulling off the same shenanigans is a little less believable. Yet, as part of the festival, the Red Bull Kamaz did exactly that. Famous for its cab-over design, Kamaz trucks have been used around the world, and have even won the truck category at the Dakar Rally 15 times as of 2018.

The Red Bull Kamaz truck sports a turbodiesel engine with 837 horsepower and 2,700 Nm of torque—that’s plenty of power for it to run through the Dakar, or to put on a drifting exhibition at Goodwood.

The video has a humorous quality to it, but the soul of the clip is the incredible driving skills and the unbelievable vehicles being used.

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