Red Bull Releases Animated Short Documentary About Mick Fanning’s Incredible Life

Aussie surfing legend Mick Fanning–also known as “White Lightning”–is the subject of a new animated video from Red Bull. In the video, Fanning candidly discusses his life, which has been filled with epic tragedy and epic victory alike. Specifically, the professional surfer has overcome tremendous personal struggles–including the loss of two brothers and a brush with a career-threatening injury–on his way to multiple ASP World Tour championships.

victory of red bull

Fanning was just a teenager when he made a list of goals for himself. Capping off the list was one final objective: to become a surfing world champion. However, what Fanning couldn’t have realised at the time was just how much loss he’d incur on his way to numerous wins. One of those losses came when his brother Sean died in a car accident at the age of 20. In the wake of the event, Fanning locked himself in a room for a week, finally emerging with more determination than ever before. He would achieve his goals because that’s what his brother would have wanted.

The untimely death of his brother Sean was but one of many major milestones that would end up defining Fanning’s extraordinary life. Suffice to say, it all makes for one similarly extraordinary video. Watch to see for yourself.

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