So it Turns Out That Australian Cash Isn’t Vegan (or Even Vegetarian)

Meat is money.

In a twist of fate that has upset vegans everywhere (which is bloody easy to do), Australian banknotes are, as it turns out, not vegan. Not that anybody ever claimed they were, but one could be forgiven for assuming that the paper stuff (actually, polymer) that makes the world go round was void of any animalistic intervention–as it happens, this is not the case.

It was revealed recently in the UK, when their central bank made the decision to introduce a polymer five-pound note, that the plastic money which Australia pioneered in the nineties and is now used by twenty-three other sovereign nations, is actually not exactly animal-friendly.

MONEY is made from ANIMALS

THIS VIDEO IS ZERO FAKE NEWS! Yes, money is not vegetarian friendly! But what about other products? Unfortunately, I was surprised to see that there are TOO MANY animals in TOO MANY products. P.S. I uploaded this video yesterday but there was a bug that removed it, hahah, so please share it again! <3 Thank you so much Mitch Summers for giving me the idea 🙂 I'm happy to have you in this video!Send me any new WOW FACTS and be a part of the next episode!INSTAGRAM: Project NightfallGROUP: HYPER HUMANS (by Project Nightfall)Hiyaaaa!

Posted by Project Nightfall on Saturday, October 20, 2018

The revelation comes from the fact that the notes are made with a diminutive amount of tallow, an animal by-product also used in soap, candles and plastic bags–another inanimate object to have fallen out of grace with environmental activists of late. It is used in the banknotes as a “slipping agent”.

Tallow being rendered from pork, it’s also safe to assume that certain religious sects are also not too thrilled with the discovery, which was made very public via a Facebook video on the popular Project Nightfall page. While the viral video triggered the usual barrage of sensible discourse people shouting at each other in the comments, it’s safe to assume that the Reserve Bank of Australia has no plans to change the recipe for their high-tech dollars, no matter how much noise a few activists make.

Many have suggested that if vegans can’t handle the fact that their cash contains pigs to send it to somebody who has more use for it.