These Guys Threw a Surprise Bucks Party For Their Still Single Mate

With one third of all marriages ending in divorce, and the age of Tinder making everybody just that little bit more shallow and fickle, it may seem like the happily-ever-after tale of a kick ass wedding day is more and more out of reach in the current era.

For women, this means wide-eyed childhood dreams of a perfectly iced cake, flowing white dress and 15 jealous bridesmaids might never come to fruition, but as any bloke will testify, the most soul-crushing part of fewer and fewer men getting married is the lack of quality buck’s parties to attend.

surprise bucks party

Luckily, we have our friends at The Roundabout Crew to show us how it’s done. No buck? No problem. Just pick anybody from your throng, dress them up like a dickhead and add a bottle of Fireball.

All you need then is a stripper, and, in this case, a video camera. We’ll let the above clip do the talking.

The Roundabout Crew

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