Tommy Wiseau is at it Again with New Cartoon ‘SpaceWorld’

One of the great—and terrible—things about YouTube is that just about anyone can throw content up there for the world to see. Tommy Wiseau is one of those people, and his new cartoon is up there on the interwebs for good or bad.

Wiseau is an actor and filmmaker who made his fame by writing, producing, and starring in the 2003 film abomination The Room, which was critically panned and titled one of the worst movies ever made. As so often happens with terrible movies, The Room has gained a cult film status.
Wiseau’s new project can be seen on YouTube’s Octopie channel.

The animated series, titled SpaceWorld, was created by Brock LaBorde, who brought on Tommy Wiseau to play an intergalactic bounty hunter that bears a resemblance to both Wiseau and Han Solo named TX. His rival, a monstrous robot named Dorgol, is played by Greg Sestero. TX is joined in his missions by a dysfunction crew of misfits, including a talking shark in a spacesuit who happens to be a lawyer and a sentient robot vending machine called simply “Computer Person.”

Most of the show seems to be about creating characters based on the weird ramblings of Wiseau.

The pilot is described as a sci-fi series that “takes down its hair, kicks off its boots, and lets itself be straight-up dumb.” Wiseau didn’t write the project himself, but his famous charm isn’t lost as he struggles through the line readings. Lowbrow Studios took care of the animation. The show also stars the voice talents of Georgia Smith, Brock LaBorde, Akul Dang, and Mikey Felton.

Whether you’re a fan of Wiseau, or if you’re sitting there shaking your head about the fact that people are still talking about this guy, you have to admire his determination—or luck.

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