Toni Veziris – Conductor of His Own Backyard Opera

Sydney-based photographer Toni Veziris isn’t one to shy away from hard work. Five years ago upon his return to Sydney from Switzerland, he set out to make his own destiny in an industry saturated with young creatives and up-and-comings. Setting himself apart from the pack, he created Backyard Opera, a blog founded on high-quality photoshoots, interviews with interesting people from Sydney and editorial content on a range of local and relevant topics.

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His photography is modern, urban and angular, with a unique ability for visual non-sequiturs, often featuring stunning models in otherwise grungy, lacklustre city settings. Backyard Opera is an homage to his home city, celebrating Sydney for all its flaws.

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Having set up his offices and studio on the Princes Highway in Tempe, he uses the space to champion local artists, by exhibiting their work at his ‘Four Walls’ exhibitions, as well as opening his studio space for other photographers to use.

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Furthermore, to all of this, he’s also at the helm of Coffee & Co, supplying dozens of cafés around Sydney with his lauded beans, and serving up brews out of his site in Tempe to the growing community of locals, passers by people who travel from further afar to check out Backyard Opera’s space.

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Having recently shot our Renaissance Man fashion editorial shoot in collaboration with Backyard Opera, we caught up with Toni to chat about his craft.

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