Move Over Tom Cruise, ‘Top Gun with a Cat’ Introduces Our New Favourite Aviator

After almost four decades of rumours that a sequel to Top Gun was in the works, this year it finally arrived and caught everyone by surprise with how genuinely good it was. By some miracle Top Gun: Maverick was more or less a perfect follow up to the classic 1986 original and as compelling an argument to head back to the cinema for a big screen experience as you could ask for. Having taken in the film’s incredible real-life aerial stunts and welcome serving of ‘80s nostalgia, it’d be reasonable for you to think that Tom Cruise’s latest outing couldn’t be topped, but you’d be wrong. Enter YouTuber OwlKitty with Top Gun with a Cat.

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Top gun with a cat 1

Image: YouTube

While the video delivers precisely what it says on the tin, what might surprise you is how seamlessly the feline flyer has been inserted into scenes from the new flick (and a few from the original for good measure). Whether feeling the g-force that comes with pulling off aerial acrobatics in a Super Hornet, spiking the ball in the first film’s notorious volleyball scene, or bashing out a rousing rendition of “Great Balls of Fire” on the ivories, this cat enhances every iconic Top Gun scene he’s in.

If you’re like us, the video will leave you wanting a full-length OwlKitty edition of Top Gun: Maverick. While that might be a tall order, this isn’t the first time the YouTuber’s altered – or in some cases upgraded – a classic film by increasing the cat quotient. For further cat-heavy content, be sure to watch Jurassic Park but with a Cat, Titanic with a Cat, or Pulp Fiction with a Cat over at the OwlKitty YouTube channel.

Once you’re done with those, be sure to check out the insanely fast Darkstar Concept Jet from Top Gun: Maverick.

Top gun with a cat 2

Image: YouTube

Top gun with a cat 3

Image: YouTube


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