Video of Pole Vaulter Snagging his Scrotum Goes Viral

Think you’re having a bad day? Wait until you hear about Zach McWhorter, the pole vaulter who copped a pole right to the scrotum. The ball-bashing incident occurred during a routine training session, and the injury resulted in 18 stitches.

The upside is a few weeks of social media fame. Zach has since been interviewed by everyone from Salt Lake City’s KUTV to BuzzFeed. Zac even shared a video of the incident on TikTok, which has received millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares.

The painful video shows McWhorter successfully completing a vault only to have the pole hit him right in the boys on his way down. Ironically, McWhorter’s dad is his coach, the one who filmed the incident and also the urologist who stitched up the injury.

McWhorter recalled the incident to KUTV, with far less embarrassment than expected. “I had a great jump. It felt so good. It was the best jump of the day,” the college student said. As he leapt over the bar, the pole recoiled and “just got me in the sweet spot.”

McWhorter landed and assessed the damage, and it’s reported that he could be heard from the stands screaming in pain – with good reason. “I could see right into my scrotum,” he told BuzzFeed.

McWhorter’s dad took him back to his surgery and sewed up the gash with 18 stitches.

“Yeah, never been closer with my father until that day,” Zach told KUTV. “Fortunately, as far as I know, there is nothing wrong with my testicles, just a scar,” he told BuzzFeed. “One day, we’ll find out if they function or not.”

For anyone who thinks football or rugby is too violent, track and field sports don’t appear any safer.