Watch Josh Hill Take a Dirt Bike Through Wet ‘n’ Wild

Josh Hill has ridden some of the toughest courses available, but what do you do when the same old same old gets a little too, well, old? Monster Energy provided Josh Hill an opportunity for a new set of thrills in their video Urban Rider. The video features Hill taking on an abandoned water park.

The park, Wet ‘n’ Wild in Palm Springs, California, was closed down for the 2019 season, which afforded Hill the opportunity to take an electric dirt bike to the park for some intense urban riding. Hill displays his incredible skills on the bike, riding through the lazy river and throttling down the slides. One of the more spine-tingling feats was riding the down one of the Tidal Wave Tower slides—a seven-story high, open air speed slide. Hill also took on the Pacific Spin. The ProSlide Tornado water slide has a 60-foot drop that ends in a six-story funnel. Hill, after a few attempts, was able to ride the funnel, completely inverting and pulling a full loop.

Another amazing part of the video is when Josh rode his bike almost completely submerged through a pool of water at the end of a slide. What makes that interesting? The bike is a fully electric Alta Motors Redshift MX. You wouldn’t think that an electric anything would fare well in water, but the Alta bike ploughs through the pool like a champ.

The bike is classified as a MX2/Lites class motocrosser with 42 horsepower and 38 lb-ft of torque. It only weighs 265 pounds, which means there’s plenty of power and performance. In fact, the Redshift MX became the first non-gas powered bike to win a major international motocross event—the Red Bull Straight Rhythm in California.

Whether you’re a fan of dirt bikes or not, you’ve got to admire the skill that Hill puts on display in the video, as well as the impressive performance of the bike. If nothing else, it’s worth watching just to see what Hill had to go through to complete the stunts (the video includes outtakes).

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