Watch Daniel Craig in the ‘Knives Out’ Trailer

A star-studded cast is shown in the trailer for the upcoming black comedy, Knives Out. That cast includes such recognisable names as Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc, Chris Evans as Ransom Thombrey, Ana de Armas as Marta, Jamie Lee Curtis as Linda Thombrey, Don Johnson as Morris Thombrey, Michal Shannon as Walt Thombrey, and Christopher Plummer as Harlan Thombrey. Australia’s own Toni Collette also stars in the ensemble cast.

The film is described as being a modern take on the “whodunit” murder mystery. The basic plot follows a disastrous family gathering. Successful crime novelist Harlan Thombrey brings his family together for his 85th birthday in a misguided attempt to reunite them, but when Harlan is found dead, Detective Benoit Blanc arrives to investigate. With only the family as suspects, Blanc is left to work through the tangled web of lies and motives to find out who the real murderer is.

The film is directed by Rian Johnson, whose list of credits include Brick, Looper, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and several episodes of Breaking Bad. Johnson had his hands full with this film, keeping all the relationships and storylines straight, though the trailer shows that the cast must have had a great time working together and with Johnson.

One of the more popular parts of the trailer is Blanc’s statement: “I suspect foul play, and I’ve eliminated no suspects.”

The movie is obviously influenced by the works of Agatha Christie, though the trailer does note that it is a “whodunit like no one has ever dunnit.” Johnson has made a career out of putting a new spin on genres. While the trailer works as a teaser, Johnson does invite fans not to watch it.

In a Twitter post, Johnson states, “Trailer’s here! I love it but as always…it doesn’t give anything major away but it does show things that are most enjoyably seen for the first time in the movie. If you want to come in totally clean, you know what to do.”

Check it out