Watch This Wallaby Being Rescued 6.2km Out at Sea

Right now, in a world filled with a lot of distressing news–The bushfires, flash floods, coronavirus, Trump’s acquittal and the movie Cats to name a few–we could all use a little good news, and what better day to share it than on a Friday. Yesterday, on the 6th of February, Queensland Water Police were called after a wallaby in distress was spotted by a member of the public more than 6km west of North Stradbroke Island.

Luckily, the police were quick to respond and eventually found the wallaby dubbed “Dawny” fatigued and swimming in circles. Dawny was swiftly scooped up and in the words of the Queensland Police, she was “very grateful to be helped on board” and later returned back to her natural habitat and safe haven on land at Minjerribah.

Now we know what you must be thinking (because we are thinking the same thing); How the hell did Dawny end up 6.2km offshore and where did she learn to swim like an absolute legend? According to the police, they believe that Dawny had decided to go for a swim and just got herself caught up in a little difficulty.

To watch the heartwarming rescue, check out the Twitter video below.

Love your work Queensland Police.