Who are the Neverland Boys?

The Neverland Boys are one of those things you find on the internet that makes you feel two ways. One, you feel like you should get out into the sun and do some crazy stuff with your friends, film it and just generally crush life. Then two, you realize you can’t do it, your GoPro is out of battery, it’s cold out and your friends all have jobs. They create unique photo and video content based on the incredible adventures they’ve had. This video shows the squad doing all sorts of awesome warm weather stuff like surfing, doing flips into the water, playing beach volleyball and more. You’ll want to hit the beach when the video ends.

Check it out

seeing sea

relaxing at sea

water diving

boys taking snaps

girls walking

seeing sea shore

victory sign

 man wearing cap

girls smiling

boys driving speedboat

jump from speedboat

making lunch

playing music

skating sand

jump over sand

sea beach man enjoying

doing fun

blue sea and enjoy

floating over pond

sea beach view

jump over sea