Dirty Laundry with French Model Carla Guetta

When a shoot is titled “Ride me, baby” you can expect things to get wild, sexy and more than a little dirty. That’s where Carla Guetta comes in. Carla is the brunette stunner who’s currently gracing your screen, and I can tell you, she’s no saint. For one, Carla’s dragging on that ciggie like it’s no big deal and the other thing, her moral decency is lacking. For the most part, Carla Guetta is braless and looking to cause some mischief with those naughty slogans branded across her skimpy tees.

carla guetta smoking

Photographer Sergio Hache led Carla to a bright, yet dank parking lot for some cheeky, artistic snaps through car windows and over concrete supports before heading back to the laundry to wash off the dirt, both figuratively and literally. But it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a spin cycle to rein in this French beauty.

carla guetta wearing sunglasses

Carla Guetta describes herself as a world traveller with an artistic mind. She spends a lot of time in Ibiza so it wouldn’t be a stretch to add party animal to her repertoire. There’s plenty more fun to be had with Carla through her Instagram account which is absolutely worthy of your time.

Source – RektMag
Photographer – Sergio Hache
Model – Carla Guetta

Check it out

carla guetta gorgeous look

carla guetta standing hand on the waist

carla guetta wearing pink color dress

carla guetta hold her cloth by hand

carla guetta wearing adult things white panties

carla guetta wearing white t shirt

carla guetta hold her lips by hand

carla guetta standing

carla guetta standing with wearing bra

carla guetta drawing tattoos in her body

carla guetta sitting washing machine

carla guetta wearing red pant with bra

carla guetta hand on the head

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