Because, Er, Stretching is Important? Just Watch This Video of Hailey Baldwin for LOVE Advent…

LOVE Advent is the pre-Christmas gift that keeps on giving, and thanks to the prurient directorial panache of Phil Poynter, every day is a new reason to celebrate. While Emily may have picked carb-loading over a sweaty workout for her instalment of the daily video release, youngest member of the talented Baldwin family (and much-loved model) Hailey focuses on the importance of stretching in day 13’s important workout message.

hailey baldwin standing

We could harp on for hours about how much of a difference a good post-workout stretch makes, but Hailz is a far, far better PT than we’ll ever be, so we’ll leave the demonstration in her capable hands.

Adeptly using a balance board is no small feat in any regard, so making it look this good (with no small thanks to Agent Provocateur’s sheer lingerie set) is especially noteworthy. Go right ahead and use this as inspiration for your next gym sesh.

The LOVE Magazine

hailey baldwin leaning downward

hailey baldwin show her muscle

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