Move Over Nigella, Emily Ratajkowski Rolling Around in Spaghetti is the Cooking Show We Always Needed

The LOVE Advent calendar of risque raunch is back for another year, and we all just agreed we’d be having spaghetti for lunch today.

Nigella Lawson has long been the undisputed goddess of the kitchen, sexualising the simplest of nutritious dishes in her many TV shows and amassing a loyal following of male fans who wouldn’t have otherwise known the difference between creme fraiche and caviar.

emily ratajkowski eating noodles

Up until now that is. Directed by Phil Poynter, this 94 second clip is about all the convincing you’ll need that there’s a new culinary queen bee. Can Emily even cook, you ask? Who cares. She’s the spiciest meatball we’ve ever witnessed and has our noodles well and truly al dente. I could keep making cheesy pasta jokes, but Ratajkowski doesn’t need the Parmesan and neither will you, there’s more flavour in this short clip than anything your nonna ever made.

Enjoy the video – I’m off to get a giant bowl of Spaghetti alla Puttanesca. Click the link for the literal translation, diners.

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emily ratajkowski lying down

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