playboy to cheads beate muska explosive

From Playboy to C-Heads, Beate Muska’s Explosive 2017

Coming off a week-long stay at an artists retreat, photographer Michael Chichi found inspiration in his daily observations – from the striking quality of light and shadow at different times of the day, to the interplay of nature, flora, architecture and design.

Michael went into this shoot with no grand concepts, just a rejuvenated spirit from a well-deserved break, plus the natural talents of Latvian model Beate Muska.

Beate Muska’s Eastern European talents graced the cover of Playboy earlier this year, earning her over 65k Instagram followers. Now appearing in C-Heads, The brunette babe is doing some amazing things within the world of modelling.

beate muska wearing black bra and penti

Things got interesting when Michael Chichi came to editing his work. He decided to explore Carl Jung’s “Animus and Amina” as a theme. The idea is based on a school of psychology that describes A & A as a domain of the unconscious that transcends the personal psyche.

“In Jungian thought, the anima is a personification of all feminine tendencies in a man’s psyche; while the animus is the personification of all masculine tendencies in a woman’s psyche,” said Chichi. “Playing off this, I combined images together to express the dual nature present within each and everyone of us.”

You can find more of the artist and his subject on Instagram. Also be sure to check out our ever growing gallery of stunning, yet sophisticated women.

Source – C-Heads
Photographer – Michael Chichi
Model – Beate Muska

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beate muska thinking something

hand of beate muska

beate muska wearing black bra

beate muska wearing pink bra and underwear

beate muska sitting on the bench

beate muska beautiful eye

beautiful model beate muska

 beate muska lying down in the sunlight

 beate muska lying down beside of swimming pool

beate muska nice leg

beate muska see something

hat and caktas

beate muska wearing colourful top

girl sitting on the sofa

girl looking front side to sitting on the sofa

 beate muska back side

dangle something front of girl

beate muska closing her eyes

beautiful dangle

white picture of beate muska

nice face of beate muska

beate muska lying down on table

beate muska capture image in library

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