Supreme Lipstick is a Headscratcher

Supreme Lipstick? Fans of the Supreme brand have grown to love the brand appearing on products outside of their streetwear line. But lipstick? As a brand that targets mostly men, Supreme Lipstick seems a bit of a stretch. Granted, the tradition deep red of lipstick matches nicely with Supreme’s logo and design, making it seem like a natural fit in that regard. But still, a traditionally female product being marketed to a predominately male customer base is an interesting notion. So what are they seeing that the rest of the world isn’t? Is makeup really the direction they’re going to head?

First, fans of the brand snatch up just about anything that carries the brands iconic color and logo. So perhaps the company is testing to see just how far they can push things with their customers and still maintain loyalty.

On the other hand, maybe Supreme is trying to expand their customer base beyond a mostly male group. Or, maybe they’re banking on their customers needing to give their girlfriends a Supreme branded gift. And maybe they’re just counting on collectors wanting to add to their collection of Supreme gear, which isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

Whatever their reasoning, the jury is still out on the idea. Of course, their “leaked” announcement didn’t come right out and say that this is definitely happening. Supreme could very well be leading up to a release, or it could be a red herring to distract from their next big announcement.

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