#WorstThingToDoDuringSex: The Major Turn-Offs in Bed According to Twitter

In these busy times where we meet deadlines more often than we meet friends, have meals on the go and organise our dates online, sex might just be the best cardio we’ll have time to get.

But have you ever wondered about the major turn-offs when things get hot, and the clothes come off? From skipping foreplay to checking your phone, Twitter users share their pet peeves on the worst things to do during steamy marathons, spontaneous quickies, and casual hookups.

If you want to screw without screwing up, here is the Twitter edition of things to avoid:

Getting the Name Wrong

One of the biggest crimes of passion is definitely a name mix-up. Whether you swap yours with one of the parental labels (“call me daddy”), or you forget your partner’s in the heat of the moment, what comes out of your mouth could be a deal breaker.

Talking Size

Whether you’re blessed like Johnny Holmes or find yourself coming up a tad short, nothing kills the heat of the moment like a discussion about your dick. If passions are raging and you’re both deep in the throes of a great romp, you probably don’t need to do any more woo-ing anyway, so keep your little fella out of the discourse and you’ll be right.

Theatrical Endings

While ‘fake it until you make it’ proves useful in the office, or within exclusive social circles, it couldn’t be more falsely seductive in between the sheets. Real orgasms involve twitching, trembling, sweating, and it’s easy to spot a fake (well, for some). Going overboard on a fake orgasm is a huge turn-off and an ominous giveaway.