12 Days of Christmas – Day 2 Adidas Ultra Boost 2016

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Adidas has featured a very streamlined look recently, appealing to both sneakerheads and athletes, and the Ultra Boost 2016 is a great new addition to their lineup. Coming in a new set of colorful designs, the kicks could be worn as a component of a purely style-focused outfit, or you could train for a race in them and look better than everyone else.

adidas ultra boost shoe out sole

The new colorways feature a so-called “wave” pattern. The pattern, which runs from the toe to the quarter of the upper, comes in black and white, as well as blue, red and peach iterations, with contrasting accents for a subtle, yet important, visual effect. The colors themselves are bold but not overwhelming, as each shoe features a white Boost midsole which helps to soften the overall appearance. These definitely aren’t the type of shoes you have to think twice about wearing in most occasions – they are pretty much as stylish and diverse as you could hope for.

adidas ultra boost shoe feature

For the holiday season, the Ultra Boost 2016 can serve as a great gift for any sneakerheads out there, or just a friend who is always exercising but perhaps needs a style upgrade. Be a good pal and help them out in a subtle way – by upgrading their style, two shoes at a time.