124 Shoes

124 is a Melbourne-based shoe company which originally started back in 2011. You’ve probably heard this story before – the two founders were frustrated with a gap in the Australian shoe market between luxury brands and ordinary mass produced brands, so they set out to fill this void. And they certainly did, creating a series of shoes that accentuates and anchors an outfit, bold enough to serve as a foundation but subtle enough to function as a final piece. 124 shoes are handcrafted and made by some of the most respected shoe makers in Italy, and the quality, history and style comes through very clearly.

12 melbourne based shoe design

They have just opened a brand new store in The Galleries and it does a great job of highlighting the unique brand and its excellent shoes. The new store environment has a sleek and industrial edge, taking on the same mood as a gallery may. Here, the art is shoes – stop by to learn more for yourself.

124 melbourne based shoe on the table

124 melbourne based shoe shop