3 Great Outfit Ideas: A Date In Autumn

This is a Guest Post by Marco Volpato

First impressions aren’t everything, but they definitely count. Clothes say a lot about the man wearing them so it’s important you’re sending the right message. Sure, when you are catching up with a woman for the first time you could wear your spiderman t-shirt and gun-metal grey fedora, but the chances of getting a second date would be slim to none. (Unless she loves Spiderman!)

It’s only the beginning of Autumn, so the heat is still lingering (Summer outfit ideas are a completely different thing), but the idea behind this post is that you can plan ahead and pick up some gear for when it starts to cool. Below are some fashion and outfit ideas you can use as stimuli to come up with some outfit inspiration yourself. (Or steal the entire outfit, whatever floats your boat, good sir.)

A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them. Hardy Amies

Sunny Adventures

Because Autumn in Australia can still be quite hot during the day, you can keep it fresh & casual without looking out of place. If it’s a sunny day, the outfit above is a great combination of blue’s, browns and whites. If it’s a little cooler/cloudy go for slightly more ‘earthy’ tones paired with a darker jacket or jumper.

Generally speaking, it’s your shoes and accessories that determine the overall tone of the outfit. Sneakers are a great way to keep it casual, but if you want to ‘smarten’ it up, a pair of loafers or boat shoes would look great.

Afternoon Hangs

When it starts to cool on those hazy Autumn afternoons grab a pair of sandy beige desert boots and work your way up from there. Sightly faded red chinos or jeans that match the colour of autumn foliage are a great option. If it’s not too cold keep it simple with a grey long sleeve shirt, and for those cooler afternoons throw on a stone coloured linen jacket or an off-white cable knit sweater.

This is the sort of gear that you can comfortably wear as the afternoon wears on. Again, if you are looking to ‘smarten’ it up, replace the red chinos with a pair of darker jeans and stick to the jacket.

Dinner & Late Night

Ideally, you want an outfit that looks good no matter where the night takes you. This can be tricky, but if you stick to your fundamentals and pair them well, it’s quite easy to pull off. You don’t want to wear a 3 piece suit when you first take a woman to dinner, so find a good fitting, simple t-shirt or button down and go from there.

Depending on the occasion, you can dress it up with a blazer and a pair of loafers, or keep it simple with jeans, derbies and a t-shirt. If it’s nippy you can whip out the trench or a nice leather jacket. Darker accessories are a great way to add a touch of formality whilst keeping the overall feel of the outfit relaxed.

Final Note

Everyone has their own style, so trying to put together a universal set of outfits is pointless. Nonetheless, all of the items I’ve included in this post are quite versatile, which is key when piecing together date outfits. You want to be able to transition from one place to another, without having to rush home and get changed. It’s all about the context of the situation, so try to gauge where you think the day will take you and dress accordingly.

Marco Volpato is the Founder & Editor in Chief of Sydney based blog MR VOLPATO, a witty and straightforward men’s blog for the modern rogue gentleman.

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