4 Reasons Your Phone Is No Replacement for Your Watch

This is a Guest Post from Ed Bush.

In the days of yore, wearing an elegant watch wasn’t an option for real gentlemen – it was as necessary to a dapper outfit as a tie and well-shined shoes. Many modern men, however, do without a timepiece.  Their explanation?  “I can just use my phone.”  That might fly when you’re in college, but out in the real world, a smartphone is just no substitute for a watch.

Whether you’re transitioning from the life of a student to the professional world or are a well-established career man who’s a bit behind in the debonair department, there are several reasons to add a watch to your style repertoire.

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Your Phone Is a Time Suck

Be honest; when you pull your phone out to check the time, you also check your e-mail, send a text, open Facebook, and do a hundred other unnecessary, time-wasting activities you never intended to do when you took out your phone.  Don’t worry, getting sucked into your phone is a normal struggle of modern man.  It’s nearly impossible to resist the draw of updates, information and social interaction.

But resist you must.  And the only way to do that is to avoid looking at the phone entirely.  Enter the watch.  Once you condition yourself to look at your wrist instead of a screen, you’ll probably find that you waste a whole lot less time surfing around your phone for no reason.  With a good-looking watch, checking the time is as easy as suavely turning your wrist and lowering your gaze for 5 seconds before going back about your business.

Gawking is Inappropriate

Phones have come a long way in their social acceptability – for many of us, our cell has become an extension of our own body and we get nervous when we stray too far from it.  There are still, however, some sacred settings in which the cell phone is considered inappropriate.  Business meetings, for example, are a wildly inappropriate time to pull out your phone, even if it is just to check the time.  It communicates disrespect and a lack of interest.

There are actually several situations in which even looking at your phone is inappropriate:  religious services, meals, job interviews, and dates just to name a few.  It’s actually pretty rude to look at your phone during any conversation with another human being.  Just because a lot of people do it doesn’t make it okay.  Think, instead, of how subtle it is to glance at a watch.  It’s unlikely that anyone would even notice, let alone think there was anything wrong with it.


As cool as you think the latest version of your smartphone is, it doesn’t lend your look any style or panache.  It’s just a tiny computer that we all have, more or less, the same version of.  No one is going to look at your iPhone and assume you have class, status or style.  A watch, on the other hand, wordlessly communicates what kind of man you are.

Think about how many situations you walk into every day in which you want to make an impression.  The best way to set yourself apart from the rest of the suit-clad masses is with a distinctive timepiece.  Your new boss, the potential client or that beautiful woman you want to ask out will notice your watch and unconsciously think just a little bit more highly of you because of it.

Staying Power

Your hot new phone barely lasts multiple years, let alone multiple generations.  In our increasingly disposable society, treasured family heirlooms are almost unheard of.  It’s much more common for women to have valuable jewellery that they pass down through the years, but it’s a disappearing tradition for men.

You might have always wished that your dad had pulled you aside in a special moment on the day you graduated college and handed you a time-weathered pocket watch or some such treasure.  If that moment never came, why not make sure your son has it?  Being the one to start the tradition might not feel quite as special, but just imagine the watch you choose being worn by your great-great-grandson 150 years from now. You’re almost guaranteed to find there is a sophisticated timepiece that makes your eyes widen a little.

Can you get by in life without a watch?  Yes.  You can live the rest of your days relying on wall clocks or awkwardly fishing your cell phone from your pocket every single time you want to know the time.  But, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Start looking around – when you see a man who you respect and admire, take a quick peek at his wrist.  You’re almost guaranteed to find there a sophisticated timepiece that makes your eyes widen a little.

Author Bio:  Ed Bush is a managing partner at Barmakian Jewelers, New England’s premiere purveyor of diamonds, watches and fine jewellery.  With over 100 years of experience, Barmakian Jewelers prides itself on its personal, attentive service and customized designs.  For luxury watch brands like Tag Heuer, Omega and Breitling in Boston and everywhere, visit Barmakian Jewelers or connect with us on Google+.

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