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5 Stylish Looks for Big & Tall Guys

Just because you’re big and tall, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the latest and greatest fashion trends. Enter Sydney’s own Johnny Bigg, which first launched in 2014 as an online store and has since established over 60 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Targeting all the bigger and taller fellas out there, the niche brand delivers quality suits, footwear, denim, knits, jackets, and so much more. Whether you’re seeking a smart casual get-up or formal ensemble, you’ll find it here and in sizes of up to 9XL and 5XLT (in some styles). For reference, check out featured model Jyi, who’s 6’4″ and wearing regular XL tops, size 36 bottoms, and a 13 shoe in each photo.

With a new season upon us, Johnny Bigg has just unleashed its stylish Autumn/Winter Collection. As you can probably guess, the range comes fully loaded with superior fabrics and beautiful designs. You can peruse amongst this premium garb on your own or you can let the brand do the heavy lifting for you. It does know a thing or two about fashion, after all.

In partnership with Johnny Bigg, we present surefire autumn looks and some must-have seasonal staples. Prepare to turn heads and not just because you’re so damn tall.

The reeves look 1

1. The Reeves Look

Described as a wet weather casual outfit, ‘The Reeves Look’ comes in clean, comfortable, and classic. No matter how foul the weather, you’ll be giving off warm and welcoming vibes. The trench coat is water-resistant and the Super Flex Denim features extra elasticity to keep you moving, with an overall material mix of 70% Cotton, 25% Polyester, and 2% Elastane. Here’s the look in its entirety:

  • Reeves Trench Coat (Camel)
  • Oxford Shirt (White)
  • Wool Blend V-Neck Knit (Navy)
  • Hunter Super Flex Denim (Rinse)
  • Damien Sneaker (White)

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The charles look 1

2. The Charles Look

Ideal for important business meetings and formal occasions, ‘The Charles Look’ layers shades of navy, sky blue, rust, and chocolate to extraordinary effect. The result is a masterpiece of subtle contrast. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Charles Check Suit (Navy)
  • Charles Check Pant (Navy)
  • Jameson Textured Shirt (Sky)
  • Corona Paisley Tie (Rust)
  • Dalton Textured Shoe (Chocolate)
  • Denver Reversible Prong Belt (Black/Chocolate)

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The chace look 1

3. The Chace Look

At the higher end of the smart-casual spectrum is this truly spectacular ensemble, better known as ‘The Chace Look.’ Wear it on race days, to fancy restaurants, or even weddings. Others will naturally gravitate toward you as if drawn in by magnetic effect. Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Chace Texture Blazer (Pink)
  • Forrest Stripe Shirt (Blue)
  • Benny Pant (Navy)
  • Cliff Suede Boot (Chocolate)

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The nate look 1

4. The Nate Look

Clean and casual, ‘The Nate Look’ might be best described as elevated pub wear or a prime Match Day outfit. Simple perhaps (and purposefully so), it’s still a touch above the standard sporty ensemble. It features the following items:

  • Nate Rugby Long Sleeve Polo Shirt (Navy)
  • Enzo Denim (Rinse)
  • Damien Sneaker (White)

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The kingston look 1

5. The Kingston Look

It can get chilly during the autumn and winter months and ‘The Kingston Look’ will keep you warm in style. Indeed, we’re getting the warm and fuzzies just by looking at this cosy get-up. Here’s what it entails:

  • Kingston Shawl Neck (Natural)
  • Jim Slim Chino (Rust)
  • Tate Suede Boot (Black)

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Must-Have Autumn/Winter Staples

Whether you opt for one (or more) of the five stylish looks or not, you’ll still want to pick up some must-have staples from Johnny Bigg. Your seasonal wardrobe simply won’t be complete without them. They’re as follows:

18 other knits 111 0

Knitwear and Hoodies

Available in various sizes and colours, the knits and hoodies from Johnny Bigg offer just the right fit for men big and tall. See what catches your eye and stay warm and sharp all season long.

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11 smart shoes boots 071 0

Smart Shoes & Boots

Seal the deal on your smart casual or formal get-up with some downright stellar footwear. Johnny Bigg has you covered by way of leather Chelsea boots, handsome dress shoes, and so much more. Each pair is crafted from premium materials and a number of styles host innovative shoe-cushioning technology, also known as poly-nano technology. Unique and effective, the cushioning absorbs moisture and provides next-level comfort without changing shape.

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Trucker Jackets

Fashion meets function when you throw on a quality trucker jacket, which provides warmth and style in equal measure. As always, you have your options because that’s just how this brand rolls. No matter what you land on, it will fit like a glove and feel just as nice.

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New seasons call for new looks and new apparel and you’ll need to update your wardrobe accordingly. If you’re big and tall in stature, Johnny Bigg has just the thing for you and by that, we mean they have a little bit of everything. Style, comfort, and the perfect fit live here. Pop in to see what all the fuss is about.

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