Perfect Scents – Abbott Adventure Cologne

Remember the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer thought up a cologne that smelled like the beach? It looks like someone at Abbott caught a rerun because the fragrance brand is unleashing a new collection that celebrates not just the smell of the seaside, but three additional world-renowned outdoor destinations as well. And no, we’re not talking about the smell of dead fish or sweaty foreheads in a bottle–this is about figurative essence, people.

The Abbott Adventure Collection takes your nostrils to four locales, each one bursting with epic personality and valiant appeal. First up is the Mojave Desert–expect citrus overtones with layers of black pepper spice and earthy tobacco. For the Sequoia National Forest, Abbott went the smoke and wood route, capturing the aromatic spirit of a toasty glass of whisky next to a warm campfire. Next up is Telluride, which has a clean profile with notes of suede and Tonka bean. And last but not least comes the Cape, a zesty and refreshing cologne bursting with wonderful mint and ginger.

perfect abbott adventure cologne

To round out the theme of the collection, each bottle flaunts a unique colour profile in addition to the singular aroma within. Now when you visit these locations you can take some of that essence back with you in a bottle, or skip the journey altogether and just buy them for what’s sure to be some inspired pheromone action. Either way you’ll make Kramer proud.

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