The Aer Duffel Could Be the Perfect Gym Bag

Every man needs a great duffel bag, whether for the gym, for a business trip or for a weekend getaway. The Gym Duffel from Aer may be geared towards workout-focused packing, but it is a bag that can be used with versatility and excellent style. The team at Aer have intelligently made the bag a well-ventilated one, so that when you do happen to have some sweaty items in there, the smell will be able to escape effectively. Additionally, the bag includes separate compartments for your shoes, clean clothes and accessories, so that not only can you carry all of your gear, but you can make sure that there’s no cross-pollination in your packing.

aer duffel gym bag handle

The bag is well-designed, with a casual appearance in black that can fit into into any look from gym-bound to athleisure to a suit and tie. Last but not least, perhaps the best thing about this upcoming release is that you can use code “MANOFMANY10” to get $10 off all pre-orders.

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aer duffel gym bag handle by hand

aer duffel gym bag in the shoulder

aer duffel gym bag and shoes

aer duffel gym bag inside

aer duffel gym bag strong handle

shoes in the aer duffel gym bag

aer duffel gym bag and all accessories

aer duffel gym bag front pocket

aer duffel gym bag side